RA offers hope, sanity, and recovery, especially to those who, despite their best efforts, have yet to find full recoveries, no matter what their problems or behaviors may be and their family and friends.
I Getting Started
b) Things you Need to Know Before you Begin!
Also read or listen to this before you begin R.A.'s Step Presentation.

1. It is strongly suggested that you go through R.A.’s Step Presentation with an R. A. Sponsor. An R.A. Sponsor may be found in your local R.A. group, or by contacting Recoveries Anonymous on our website: www.R-A.org

2. An R.A. Sponsor will also provide you with the latest version of R.A.'s Step Presentation Workbook. The current version of R.A.'s Step Presentation Workbook is copyright 1984—2017. It was last updated on March 27, 2017.

3. If you received a copy of R.A.'s Step Presentation Workbook before this date, please ask your sponsor for the latest version, or use the link on this page to DOWNLOAD the latest version.

4. Older versions of the workbook will no longer match the instructions on this website and cannot be used.

5. An R.A. Sponsor and the latest version of R.A.'s Step Presentation Workbook will make it easier to go through R.A.'s Step Presentation.

6. We suggest that you do four things before starting R.A.’s Step Presentation:

1) Follow the suggestions in R.A.’s Highlighting Introduction, found on page two of “R.A.’s Change in Perception Guide.” This is how we follow one of the pioneers’ “clear-cut directions.” They tell us what we should ask a newcomer to do between our first and second visit with him or her. In A.A.’s Big Book, on page 95 it says, “If he is sincerely interested and wants to see you again, ask him to read this book in the interval. After doing that, he must decide for himself whether he wants to go on.”
         This means that you will need to go through R.A.'s Multilith Big Book in two stages. You will do the first stage quickly as you follow the suggestions in R.A.’s Highlighting Introduction. It should only take two or three hours to do this. You will do the second stage slowly, after you decide you want to go on. You will do this by going through R.A.'s Multilith Big Book paragraph-by-paragraph, with an R.A. sponsor, during R.A.’s Step Presentation.

2) Read the story "He Sold Himself Short." It is in R.A.'s Multilith Big Book, in the Second Edition Stories section, on page 287. It is also in the Fourth Edition of the current Big Book on page 258. As this story is read, please pay special attention to pages 290 through the top of page 293 (Fourth Edition pages 261 through the top of page 264)
         You will see that the author of this story spent two or three weeks living with the pioneers “trying to absorb as much of the program and philosophy as possible.” He also spent a great deal of time with Dr. Bob, A.A.’s co-founder. Then, after only two or three weeks in program, Dr. Bob spent three or four hours one afternoon, formally going through what are now regarded as Steps One through Eight. They later discussed what are now Steps Nine through Twelve. Notice that this process didn’t take months or years. R.A.’s Step Presentation uses R.A.'s Multilith Big Book to duplicate this experience.

3) This website will provide you with information about R.A.’s Step Presentation. It also has facts about the Twelve Steps and the Big Book that you might not know. This information will be very helpful as you work the Twelve Steps.
         You started reading at Section I, “Getting Started.” Continue reading each page. If you are working with an R.A. sponsor we suggest that you read by yourself through Section III. Answer the questions in Quick Quizzes “A” and “B.”

4) In R.A.'s Step Presentation Workbook, on page 7, make your commitment to yourself, and then stop. Your R.A. sponsor will then work with you one-on-one.

7. To go through this presentation, you will need to download and print out a copy of The Original Way Out Revealed: R.A.'s Annotated Multilith Big Book. To keep things simple, from here on we will call it R.A.'s Multilith Big Book.

8. It is available from our main website at: www.R-A.org

9. While we do ask for a small contribution for the password needed to open this book, it is available at no cost to those who cannot afford to make a contribution at this time.

10. You will also need to download and read R.A.'s Change In Perception Guide.

11. If you are ambitious, you can also read R.A.'s other "How To Begin..." guides, including R.A.'s Newcomer Guide. However, they are not needed in order to start R.A.'s Step Presentation.

12. All of R.A.'s "How To Begin…" Guides are available, at no cost, on our main website.

Click here to visit our main website and download our guides and books.

13. As part of R.A.'s Step Presentation, we will read and discuss the Foreword to the First Edition of the Big Book, and the Foreword to the Second Edition of the Big Book. They contain important information about the program.

14. The Foreword to the Second Edition also discusses the Seventh Tradition. R.A. is supported by the contributions of those who benefit from R.A.'s program. Therefore, if R.A. is helping you, please make a contribution to support our efforts to carry R.A.'s message of hope, sanity, and recovery to those who still suffer.

15. We suggest a one-time tax–free contribution of $50.00 if you are going through R.A.'s Step Presentation. However, you may contribute as little as $1.00, or as much as you wish.

Please click here to make a contribution to R.A.

16. During R.A.'s Step Presentation, we will also be sharing from A.A.'s 12&12, DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers, ‘Pass it On’, and A.A. Comes of Age. Therefore, it will be helpful if you have copies of these books available as you go through this process. In R.A., we refer to the U.S. versions of A.A.'s Literature. Versions printed in other countries may have different page numbers.

17. These books are very inexpensive when purchased new, and downright cheap when purchased used.

18. In addition, you may find it helpful to have a copy of The Sermon on the Mount by Emmett Fox available.

19. Within R.A. we read this book from a purely historical perspective because the pioneers of the program used to read it. We do not endorse or oppose the concepts in this book.

20. Reading it allows us to compare the concepts that were taken from it and included in the program with those that were not included. It is important to note that one of the things they did not include was the need to be Christian to work the program

21. While these books are not required, if you would like to get them, you can get them by looking for them on your favorite search engine, or by going to your favorite online bookseller and searching for them. You can also find out more about these books by clicking here.


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