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II Facts about the Twelve Steps you might not know
vii) The three sentences of Step Eight
It is true, the entire discussion of Step Eight in the Big Book takes just
three sentences!

1. What follows is the entire discussion, in R.A.'s Multilith Big Book, of Step Eight.

2. In R.A.'s Multilith Big Book, on page 35, in the first paragraph, it says:

"Look at steps eight and nine. You have a list of all persons you have harmed and to whom you are willing to make complete amends. You made it when you took inventory."

3. The discussion of Step Eight is only three sentences long!

4. This is because if someone follows the "clear-cut directions" for doing the Fourth Step that are in R.A.'s Multilith Big Book, they will write down all of the people they have harmed, and become willing to make complete amends to them, as they are doing their inventory.


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