RA offers hope, sanity, and recovery, especially to those who, despite their best efforts, have yet to find full recoveries, no matter what their problems or behaviors may be and their family and friends.
 Part 1: Absorbing the program and philosophy
M) Reading and Discussing Step Eight
This discusses the "clear-cut directions" for working Step Eight.

Chapter Six


Step Eight

1. In R.A.'s Multilith Big Book, on page 35, in the top paragraph, the first four sentences say:

"Now you need more action without which you will find that 'Faith without works is dead.' Look at steps eight and nine. You have a list of all persons you have harmed and to whom you are willing to make complete amends. You made it when you took inventory."

2. That is the entire discussion of Step Eight in the Multilith Big Book.

3. We are going to continue with the rest of this paragraph. We will then stop, because the Multilith Big Book starts discussing the Ninth Step.

4. So continuing on from the middle of the paragraph where we left off, it says:

"You subjected yourself to a drastic self-appraisal. Now you are to go out to your fellows and repair the damage you did in the past. You are to sweep away the debris which has accumulated out of your effort to live on self-will and run the show yourself."

5. And this next part is what's important now:

"If you haven’t the will to do this, ask until it comes. Remember you agreed at the beginning you would go to any lengths for victory over alcohol."

6. In case someone doesn't remember agreeing to go to any lengths, this was back on page 26 in the Multilith Big Book. In the second paragraph, it says, "If you have decided you want what we have and are willing to go to any length to get it—then you are ready to follow directions."

7. So, at this point, please stop and do two simple things. The first is to think about the names you wish to move from your Fourth Step inventory to your Eighth Step list. The second thing is to start praying for the willingness to go to any length to correct whatever harm was done in the past.

8. Now look in R.A.'s Step Presentation Workbook. Page 16 is devoted to the Eighth Step. Notice that there are two columns: "Willing" and "Not Willing."

9. The column labeled "Willing," obviously, is for those who you are currently willing to make amends to. The column labeled "Not Willing " is for the people from your inventory that you are not willing to make amends to.

10. You do not need to write anything right now. You will transfer the names from your Fourth Step inventory into those two columns when we formally go through Step Eight later in Part 2 of R.A.'s Step Presentation.

11. Next we will move on to formally going through Steps One through Eight.


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