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V Broaden and Deepen Your Understanding of the Twelve Steps
Introduction to the Twelve and Twelve
Twelve essays in A.A.'s 12 & 12 broaden and deepen your understanding of the Twelve Steps.

Introduction to the Twelve and Twelve

[We refer to the U.S. versions of A.A.'s Literature. Versions printed in other countries may have different page numbers.]

1. In A.A.'s Twelve and Twelve, on page 17, the first paragraph says:

"Nevertheless, the infant Society determined to set down its experience in a book which finally reached the public in April 1939. At this time the recoveries numbered about one hundred. The book was called "Alcoholics Anonymous," and from it the Fellowship took its name. In it alcoholism was described from the alcoholic's point of view, the spiritual ideas of the Society were codified for the first time in the Twelve Steps, and the application of these Steps to the alcoholic's dilemma was made clear. The remainder of the book was devoted to thirty stories or case histories in which the alcoholics described their drinking experiences and recoveries. This established identification with alcoholic readers and proved to them that the virtually impossible had now become possible. The book 'Alcoholics Anonymous' became the basic text of the Fellowship, and it still is. This present volume proposes to broaden and deepen the understanding of the Twelve Steps as first written in the earlier work."

2. The pioneers wrote the Multilith Big Book in 1938. It contains their "clear-cut directions" for working the Twelve Steps. In 1939, the pioneers published the First Edition of the Big Book. Unfortunately, many small changes were made to the text. In R.A., we have found that this obscured the "clear-cut directions." This caused many people to turn to A.A.'s Twelve and Twelve for instructions on how to work the Twelve Steps.

3. However, it is important to understand that A.A.'s Twelve and Twelve was not published until 1953. It is intended to be a sequel to the Big Book, not a replacement for it.

4. In the Foreword to A.A.'s Twelve and Twelve, it clearly says that it is designed to "broaden and deepen" the understanding of the Twelve Steps as they were originally written in the Big Book. Therefore, if someone has not first developed an understanding of the Twelve Steps as written in the Big Book, there is nothing to broaden and deepen.

5. We are now going to share some passages from each chapter in A.A.'s Twelve and Twelve that we believe it is important to accent. However, to keep these passages in context, we suggest that you read each chapter from A.A.'s Twelve and Twelve before going through the coresponding section of R.A.'s Presentation.

6. You can get a copy of A.A.'s Twelve and Twelve by using your favorite search engine, or by going to your favorite online bookseller and searching for it. You can also find out more about it, and the other books we use in R.A., by clicking here.

7. Please remember that R.A. doesn't want to convince you of anything. R.A.'s experience has been that if you read this material, you will come to the same conclusions that we have. We want to endorse your conclusions, not convince you of ours.


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