RA offers hope, sanity, and recovery, especially to those who, despite their best efforts, have yet to find full recoveries, no matter what their problems or behaviors may be and their family and friends.
The Recoveries Anonymous Step Presentation 
Fully Working All Twelve Steps by Thoroughly Following all the  
Pioneers’ Original “clear-cut directions” from R.A.’s Multilith Big Book.  


  This website is a work in progress!

Please do not print or copy any part of it.

Recoveries Anonymous was founded in November of 1983. As R.A. members all over the world will testify, R.A. is growing and thriving for one simple reason. It works!

R.A.'s Step Presentation uses R.A.'s Multilith Big Book. It contains the pioneers' original "clear-cut directions" for working the Twelve Steps. We use it to duplicate the path that the pioneers followed. When we fully work all Twelve Steps, we have the same permanent recovery and contented useful life that the pioneers found.

Please note that the R.A. Step Presentation on this website is a work in progress, and it is copyrighted. Therefore, please do not print or copy any part of it. Doing this would be a violation of the copyright laws. In addition, you might be endangering the survival of our fellowship.

The original Multilith and current versions of the Big Book are in the public domain only in the U.S. Outside the U.S., they are still protected by copyright laws. In addition, the version of R.A.'s Step Presentation that is now on the RA-Steps.info website uses quotes from other books protected by copyright. We do this under the "Fair Use" provisions of the U.S. copyright law. However, these rules may not apply outside the U.S. If you print and distribute this draft version of R.A.'s Step Presentation, those with a valid copyright might sue us. This could force our fellowship to close.

R.A. needs to resolve these copyright issues. Therefore, R.A. is currently working on a new book, "R.A.'s Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Revealed." Once this book has been approved by R.A.'s group conscience, we will use it to edit the RA-Steps.info website. Quotes from books that are still under copyright protection will be replaced with quotes from R.A.'s Twelve and Twelve that discuss the same issues. This will allow us to stay within the law and will also permit us to create PDF and paper versions of R.A.'s Step Presentation.

We understand that not having a print version of R.A.'s Step Presentation is challenging. However, we must ask everyone to stay within the constraints of the law. We are asking individual R.A. members to put the welfare of the fellowship ahead of their own.

There are many ways for R.A. members to do service without Internet access. For example, they can still make Twelfth Step calls, set up meetings, lead meetings, take a service position, and welcome newcomers. They can also serve as an R.A. Secondary Sponsor. They can read and discuss the contents of R.A.'s Solution Focused Literature with others.

We will eventually have a PDF, and a print copy of R.A.'s Step Presentation available. We are working on this as quickly as we can. However, every R.A. member, with or without Internet access, can do service. They can carry R.A.'s lifesaving message of hope, sanity, and recovery to those who still suffer.

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